Hi, Iā€™m Krzysztof!

{ "things_i_do": ["Python Developer", "Automation Enthusiast"] }

I started as an electronic engineer but switched to software development to work on cool IoT projects. My industry experience spans automotive, public transportation, medical devices, industrial IoT and financial services. I love automating things, have keen interest in DevOps and I have recently started learning Go.

My Tech Stack

Tech Comment
Python šŸ Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI, PyTest.
Jenkins Test, deployment automation and everything in between.
Go šŸ¹ At the beginning of my Go journey.
Git and GitHub Branching šŸŒ³, forking šŸ“, pull-requesting, etc.
Linux I have been using Linux since my first PC days, which was a long time ago.
Docker šŸ³ Why would you use anything else? šŸ¤”
VS Code I use VS Code for most of my projects. I use NeoVIM with larger files.
Ansible I love automating things and this is my tool of choice for Linux administration.