Goodbye QWERTY?

I always wanted to touch type with good technique and I must say my current technique is poor. I use both hands but only tend to use my index and middle fingers. I also do a lot of key hunting which slows me down and makes the experience not as efficient as it could be.

To ditch bad habits I have developed over the last 20 or so years since I have started using computers pretty much on daily basis, I have decided to go cold turkey and change my keyboard and my keyboard layout in one go. I decided to purchase an ortholinear (matrix/grid) split keyboard and try and new keyboard layout at the same time. My logic is that if I already need to learn a new keyboard I might as well get used to a new layout since my goal is to touch type with good technique.

Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Norman?

There are several keyboard layouts available, by far the most popular one is QWERTY, but it no the most efficient in terms of hand/finger travel. I did a bunch of research and decided to go with the workman layout, specifically the variant for programmers, where numerical keys are switched with the corresponding symbols as these are used more often in programming than numbers.

You can read more about the workman layout here (link), but if you are interested then I encourage you to do your reading and do not dismiss the potential ergonomic and health benefits of using a new keyboard layout. I will try and document my journey and struggles on my blog, no doubt this will be hard for several weeks and even months. I will try and post regular updates, results of typing lessons and tests as I (hopefully) improve over time.